AHA Hypertension & Vascular Protection

AHA Hypertension & Vascular Protection
Edition : 2015
Format : Online & Print
Print Length : 240 pages
Language : English
Copyright : American Heart Association
Publisher : Medical Trends SL
Distribution Rights : Medical Trends SL

Distinguished experts in the area selected the scientific information, which has been recently published by AHA and which offers an opportunity for busy practicing physicians to update their knowledge on the detection, diagnosis, management and treatment of the disease. This self-assessment
program is offered in a collection of three volumes, which focus on the deleterious effects of the disease on the heart, the kidneys and the brain. Self-Assessment questions are included at the end of each volume.

  • Volume 1: Hypertensive Heart Disease. 
  • Volume 2: Cerebrovascular Complications of Hypertension. 
  • Volume 3: Kidney and Peripheral Artery Disease in Hypertension.