APA DSM-IV to DSM-5 Transition Workshops

Authors : Dr. Javier Escobar, Dr. Luis Caballero
Edition : 2014
Format : Meeting - Online
Language : Spanish
Copyright : @ 2014, Medical Trends, SL

The DSM-5 Transition Workshops provide an entry into the DSM-5 that will establish a foundational understanding of DSM while also aiding professionals using DSM-IV-TR to make the transition to DSM-5.

Also, the DSM-5 Transition Workshops include specific self-learning materials drawn from other DSM-5-related sources and APA publications, which can be used as a self-paced course for individual learning or as part of training materials for a residency program or training seminar.

The Workshops are not designed to serve as a stand-alone resource but rather as a companion to both the DSM-5 and its derivative products. 


    Objective of the Workshops

-       Survey the changes from DSM-IV to DSM-5 and the rationale behind them

-       Aid the psychiatric professional to make the transition from one to the other

-       Generate peer debate on the specific implementation of the new criteria to their specific area


    Curriculum (specific topics released on March, 15th):

-       Concise overview of psychiatric classification and diagnosis

-       Outline of the DSM-5 development process

-       Analysis of the reorganization of the chapters (metastructure)

-       Rundown of new diagnoses and categories

-       Explanation of the consolidation and removal of certain diagnoses

-       Brief discussion of future developments