ASCO Colorectal Cancer. Current Clinical Issues & Future Trends

ASCO Colorectal Cancer. Current Clinical Issues & Future Trends
Editor-in-chief : Pere Gascón, PhD
Edition : 2015
Format : Online & Print
Print Length : 270 pages
Language : English
Copyright : American Society Clinical Oncology
Publisher : Medical Trends SL
Distribution Rights : Medical Trends SL

Dr. Pere Gascón selected the most recently published information by ASCO on the advances in the management of CRC and evaluate their impact on daily clinical practice. Recent information is offered on the early cancer approach, such as molecular testing, prognostic markers and adjuvant trials, the treatment options of metastatic cancer especially with the integration of biological agents, etc. This extraordinary and recently updated self-assessment program is offered in a collection of three volumes. Self-Assessment questions are included at the end of each volume.

  • Volume 1: Colorectal Cancer Biology. Genetics. Epidemiology. Epigenetics. Tumoral Stem Cell. Circulating Cancer Cells. 
  • Volume 2: Early and Locally Advanced Colorectal Disease. 
  • Volume 3: Advanced and Metastatic Disease. New Molecular Targets. New Treatments.